Ramadan Provisions Distributed to Poor FamiliesDuring the holy month of Ramadan, Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) is poised to initiate 12 social projects in Qatar, at a total cost of QR8,773,500 to serve 111,000 people, with some of these projects completed in Ramadan, while others extended for the end of 2014.

Costing QR2,925,000, the Ramadan-specific projects include the Ramadan iftar meals at a cost of QR1,350,000 to feed 2,800 people every day (84,000 people throughout the month), Ramadan provisions for 320 families at a cost of QR320,000, Zakat Al-Fitr for 900 families at a cost of 495,000, and Eid clothing for 550 families at a cost of QR660,000.

In addition, QRC will implement its annual Ramadan medical programme, in which public awareness lectures are conducted on different Ramadan-related health issues, including guidelines about nutrition, sun exposure, healthy practices, etc. The programme also involves offering free medical examinations for visitors of mosques across the country. This year’s medical programme has a budget of QR100,000.

Post Ramadan Activities

In relation to the post-Ramadan activities, their overall value is estimated at QR5,848,500. They include food and financial assistance for 400 poor families at a total cost of QR3,000,000, as well as the Patient Support Fund, which covers treatment costs for 100 poor patients and provides medical equipment for 50 others at a total amount of QR2,500,000. Send SMS with “ر” or “R” to 92769 to donate QR100 for the Fund.

Child Oriented Programmes

Regarding child-oriented programmes, they include school vouchers at a value of QR200,000 for 1,400 poor students, the ‘Top’ programme for sponsoring 45 outstanding students at a cost of QR55,000, the ‘Recite and Ascend’ Quran memorisation programme for 50 students at a cost of QR55,000, and the ‘This Is My Wish’ programme to fulfill the wishes of 30 sick children at a cost of QR38,500 to enhance their morale and help them respond to treatment.

One week ago, QRC distributed Ramadan aid to 250 most needy families under the slogan ‘Comfort for Them,’ with a finance of QR400,000 from the Social and Sports Activities Fund. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs reviewed and selected the beneficiaries from among the Social Security-recipient families, to help them pay for their cost of living and feel satisfied during the fasting season.

QRC’s Ramadan campaign, launched this year under the slogan ‘Your Donation Is Their Lifeline,’ is an annual tradition observed by QRC for several years now, to raise funds and intensify medical, social, and humanitarian activities towards the beginning of and during the holy month of Ramadan, as it is a special occasion for all people, particularly the poor, who desperately need to secure the necessities of life, feel a sense of sufficiency and social solidarity, and have better economic conditions.