After launching Weqaya Campaign on Tuesday 20 August 2013 – a joint collaboration between Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) and the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) – a series of activities to raise the awareness of workers began in several companies and factories located in the industrial area.

More than six sites have been covered where more than 500 workers have received information on the infectious diseases and how to prevent themselves from being infected. Weqaya Campaign bag was distributed on the workers; it included personal utensils such as toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, and other utensils to help workers care for their personal hygiene. Workers have been trained to deal with the contents of the bag to make sure of their utmost benefit from it.

On the other hand, the outreach efforts to workers continued by conducting educational lectures to the patients visiting QRC medical centers in the industrial area and other regions in Qatar. Two sessions per center were conducted each week and more than 2,000 workers were educated.

It is worth mentioning that the first phase of the campaign aims to raise awareness of about 10,000 workers in the new industrial zone in health centers operated by the QRC and the Medical Commission units that will be operated by QRC in the future. It should be noted that the management of the campaign in QRC in cooperation and coordination with the SCH and Hamad Medical Corporation is preparing for the implementation of the rehabilitation workshops for doctors and nurses and representatives of companies regarding the prevention of infectious diseases.