Qatar Red Crescent Society’s (QRCS) branch in Al Khor has recently held a number of educational lectures and workshops for 155 students and women, in cooperation with schools and civil society organisations of the Al Shamal region.

Following the resumption of school activities, QRCS volunteer Dr Mohalal delivered a lecture on first aid for 40 preparatory students of the Abdullah bin Ali Al Misnad Independent Preparatory & Secondary School For Boys.

Another lecture was delivered by trainer Essam Kassem for 50 students of Al Shamal Secondary Independent School for Boys. The school’s Red Crescent Student Group was activated and introduced to QRCS’s activities, departments, and services provided for the Al Shamal population.

During the two lectures, the young students learnt about the importance of first aid as a life-saving skill, as well as the best first-aid techniques. These lectures were part of QRCS’s health education events, a year-round program addressed to schools and social institutions. The students and school managements were invited to visit QRCS to take a tour of its departments and see the work done for the benefit of the Al-Shamal community.

In addition, the branch hosted a workshop on the Art of Management by Eng Nasser Al Moghaisib, organised Al Khor Girls Center, in line with the branch’s social partnership strategy.

Attended by 15 women and young women, the workshop discussed useful topics, including the modern concept of management, types of leadership, team leadership, strategic & executive planning, steps of creating an effective working team in a scientific way, and management of volunteer & social initiatives.

In the same vein, the branch hosted a workshop on development of leadership skills. It was organised by Al Khor Girls Center and delivered by trainer Mohamed Al Jufairi.

The 40 participants received information about administrative leadership models, authority delegation skills, strategic thinking of a leader, ethics of leadership, and management of pressure & disputes at the workplace.

The beneficiaries actively engaged in the discussions and commended the content and significant outcomes of these workshops.

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