The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) announced that its doctors in the Gaza Strip have made close to 19,000 medical interventions since the first week of the Israeli aggression.

The QRCS reported conducting 18,927 medical interventions since the start of the war, including over 3,000 life-saving surgeries as part of the Surgical Operations for Patients in Gaza 2023-2024 project.

‘Even though more health facilities are bombed across the blockade, humanitarian efforts would continue, in order to avoid the collapse of Gazas health sector,’ the QRCS statement added.

The QRCSs interventions are currently focused on sustaining health services, with QRCSs doctors performing surgeries at Gaza hospitals, mainly thoracic surgery, emergency medicine, psychological support, and medical care for endocrine diseases and diabetes.

There is close coordination between the QRCSs representation office in Gaza and the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) in Gaza to ensure continued health care services at the few hospitals remaining, despite scarcity of resources due to the war and closure of crossings.

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