Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has launched a set of health projects in Gaza, in the fields of capacity building for the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MoH) via the medical education programme and support of health facilities, under the Gaza Health Sector Development Plan 2016-17.

The list of projects include equipment for specialised medical laboratories at medical education institutions of Gaza. Nurse education, cancer research, and toxicology laboratories will be equipped and maintained by QRCS.

Also, cystoscopy services will be improved at several private hospitals to reduce demand for these services at public hospitals and shorten wait lists.

Other activities involve renovation and equipment of the department of cardiology at Nasser Public Hospital, Gaza’s second-largest hospital that serves Khan Younes’s 600,000 population.

A major new project to be conducted in Gaza will support phenylketonuria patients, who are currently underserved.

There is also the support of the doctor specialist medical education programme, which is built upon previous projects by QRCS to build the capacity of medics in understaffed specialties.

Finally, the medical workers at the Health Emergency, Disaster, and Crisis Management Center will be trained in how to deal with crises and disasters recurrent in Gaza, like wars.

Dr Akram Nassar, head of QRCS office in Gaza, said this bunch of projects will make a significant difference in the health sector of Gaza.

According to him, these projects are the outcome of the workshop held by QRCS in May 2016 in Amman, Jordan, to identify health intervention priorities in Gaza for the coming three years.

Arrangements are underway to sign the operating agreements with relevant parties in Gaza, in preparation for inception soon.’

The total value of the new health projects amounts to $2.29 million (QAR 8,330,790).

Dating back to 2008, QRCS’s presence in Gaza has so far translated into more than $100 million worth of projects in many fields, mainly health care.

For more information, visit QRCS website.