Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) continued to undertake its major development role in the Qatari society, as a leading humanitarian and volunteering organisation that seeks the advancement of both individual and society.

Over the course of 2016, QRCS has implemented dozens of cultural, social, health, and educational programmes for the benefit of vulnerable groups. With a budget exceeding QAR 12 million, these programmes reached out to more than 56,171 beneficiaries of various ages and walks of life.

  • Socioeconomic empowerment: These programmes offer financial and non-financial aid to needy families. During 2016, a total of QAR 5 million aid was delivered to more than 2,600 families (9,600 people)
  • Health empowerment: QRCS’s Patient Support Fund partly or fully cover the costs of treatment, surgeries, or medications for needy patients. Social psychological support programmes help the vulnerable groups adapt to and overcome their life challenges. This year, QRCS spent QAR 3 million as health aid for more than 600 patients with serious health problems
  • Seasonal aid: Financial and non-financial aid is provided for low-income families in special seasons, like Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr, and Eid Al Adha. In 2016, these provisions amounted to QAR 2 million and supported 7,500 beneficiaries
  • Imdad: In partnership with the Ministry of Interior, Qatar Scientific Club, and Qatar Independent Technical School, QRCS held training workshops and rehabilitation lectures for 484 penitentiary inmates and their families, with QAR 1 million funding from Qatar Central Bank’s Social and Sport Contribution Fund (DAAM)
  • Educational empowerment: QRCS helped 166 students cover part or all of their tuition fees, in addition to 40 students with special needs, at a total cost of QAR 80,000
  • QRCS School Programme: The community awareness programme benefited around 12,886 students, teachers, administrative staff, bus supervisors, and parents, at a cost of QAR 600,000
  • Together for Benevolence: With QAR 930,000 funding from Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, QRCS distributed food meals, water and juice bottles, and hygiene kits to 25,000 expatriate workers countrywide


During 2016, QRCS held specialised professional and academic courses for 155 women, at a cost of QAR 35,000, including ‘Springboard’ and ‘Good Governance’. Also, there were national and international events that cost QR 35,000 and benefited 2000 people, mainly children.

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