Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), part of Qatar Foundation Research, Development, and Innovation, organised an event to mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2019. The event was aimed at raising awareness, educating, and involving employees in improving health and safety in the workplace.

The corporate-wide event at QSTP, which featured several thematic stations, was attended by QSTP employees, ‘incubatees’, and tenants of QSTP Free Zone.

Qatar Foundation presented sessions on nutrition and a programme for home and road safety, while QSTP tenants hosted three thematic stations: ‘Protecting People and the Environment’ by ExxonMobil; ‘Virtual Reality for Earthquake and Fire Fighting Simulations’ by Vodafone Qatar; and a driving simulator product and virtual reality game, organised by Engineering Solutions.

QSTP also presented a full programme of wellness talks and activities, as well as fitness consultations, for all participants. The event highlighted QSTP’s efforts in fostering a supportive environment for all its community members.

Yosouf Abdelrahman Saleh, Executive Director, QSTP, said:

At QSTP, we recognise the importance of building an institutionally-ingrained culture of health and safety that begins at the leadership level.

This event is part of QSTP’s commitment to the welfare of all our employees, incubatees, and member companies, and we hope that the event will encourage our community to adopt these values and utilise these best practices across the various industries and businesses they operate in.’