Participant Slogans - EnglishOn the occasion of Qatar National Day, Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) announced the winner of the ‘My Qatar’ initiative and simultaneously launched phase two of the campaign with a celebratory event at the Ory jetty on Doha Corniche, the second zone for the Qatar National Day celebration, next to the Al Mourjan restaurant, (Balhambar).

Originally introduced in October 2013, ‘My Qatar’ is a public initiative to involve all residents of Qatar in the development of a tourism destination brand that encapsulates the best of Qatar. It simply asks participants to share one simple idea – ‘What would you like to tell visitors about Qatar?’

Director of Marketing and Promotions at QTA, Rashed Al Qurese, said:

The answers of more than 600 participants who responded to the question are being made prominently visible on a large billboard along the Corniche for Qatar National Day. The Chairman of QTA and prominent dignitaries launched phase two of the campaign by adding their own answers to the ‘My Qatar’ billboard.

The campaign is a fitting addition to the National Day celebrations…because it brings to life the words, hopes and aspirations of the people of Qatar. Nationals and expatriate residents have shown equal enthusiasm in sharing their thoughts and views on developing a brand for Qatar as a touristic destination.’

MyQatar MapAbdulla Al Mohannadi, a resident of Al Khor took the top award for his responses to the first phase of the MyQatar campaign. He will get to experience a four-day luxury holiday around Qatar including a 5-star accommodation for himself and three people of his choosing. The daily activities included in the prize are: A trip to the mangroves in Al Zakhera reserves in Northern Qatar, and beach barbeque on day 1; A historical tour with a historian of the ancient rock formations in the Zakhera area, abandoned fishing village and Al Zubara Fort on day 2; an aerial tour of Qatar, along with a trip to Al Khor with lunch and dinner in the desert on day 3; and a personalised tour of active exhibitions across Qatar’s museums on day 4.

Al Qurese said:

What better way to give tourists an authentic view of the real Qatar than to hear it from those who are living here and loving it.’

The ‘My Qatar’ initiative is intended as an exercise to let the people who live in the country have their say in shaping the tourism destination brand for Qatar. The long-term objective is to build a brand that will eventually draw more than 7 million visitors each year to Qatar’s shores. The ‘My Qatar’ activation was just one of the many activities that QTA is supporting and organising during the Qatar National Day festivities in collaboration with the Qatar National Day Organizing Committee. From hotels flying the Qatari flag and decorating for the occasion to a warm Arabian welcome at the border crossings and entry points, QTA is rolling out activities that reflect the country’s heritage as well as national pride.