The Office of Graduate Studies at Qatar University (QU) launched the Pharmacy Postgraduate Society (PPS) at a ceremony recently held at the organisation’s Research Complex.

The event was attended by QU Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Prof Mariam Al Maadeed, QU College of Pharmacy (CPH) Dean Dr Mohammad Diab, and Acting Dean for QU Office of Graduate Studies Dr Ahmed Elzatahry, as well as QU officials, faculty and students.

The event’s programme featured an informative panel discussion chaired by CPH Assistant Professor Dr Daoud Al Badriyeh, and presented by CPH Dean Dr Mohammad Diab, CPH Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Dr Feras Alali, PharmD alumni Dr Sara Hayder and senior MSc student Loulia Bader. Discussions focused on CPH’s experience throughout the processes involved with the establishment of the Pharmacy Postgraduate Society.

It also included presentations delivered by CPH Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Dr Alla El Awaisi and PPS President Dina Abushanab. They respectively highlighted the leadership and commitment exemplified by PPS founding executive members and the various steps that were undertaken to establish the Society.

The event followed a graduate student workshop on ‘Thesis/Dissertation Submission and Approval’ organised by the Graduate Academic Support Unit at the Office of Graduate Studies and delivered by QU Graduate Advisor Dr Mary El Mereedi.

Prof Mariam Al Maadeed noted that the Pharmacy Postgraduate Society, the first of its kind on campus, represents the interests and concerns of postgraduate students at the local and international levels, said:

The society aims to support postgraduate students to achieve the highest academic standards and to promote a competitive and productive learning environment among students through a diversity of programmes and activities. Its mission is to represent the views of its members, to enrich the lives of postgraduate students, and to advance their interests academically, culturally, and socially.’

Dr Mohammad Diab said:

QU College of Pharmacy supports the Pharmacy Postgraduate Society (PPS) and is dedicated to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship in research and academia. The Pharmacy Postgraduate Society is a testament of Qatar University’s alignment with Qatar National Vision 2030 and Qatar’s national research priorities. It reflects the institution’s commitment towards empowering its students to achieve optimal results by offering them supportive opportunities and resources that enable them to advance their research interests.’

Dina Abushanab said:

We have put a lot into this endeavour, and we are very proud of the outcome; furthermore, we hope to collaborate with graduate students in other colleges to share this success story.’

Dr Elzatahry said:

The graduate student voice is a welcome addition to the QU community. PPS represents the collective voice of graduate students in the College and it will serve as a powerful example for graduate students in other programmes as well.’

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