If you love Lebanese cuisine, head to Remman Café this Ramadan. Some of the most delectable homemade Lebanese specialities at the cafe include Kafta, Chicken Mulukhiah and Bemieh Stew with Lamb Chunks, along with Ramadan staples such as Jellab and Kamreddine beverages and lentil soups.

Topping off the delicious Ramadan fare comes easy with a selection of traditional Lebanese desserts such as Osmalieh Bil Ashta and Znoud El Sett.REMMAN CAFFE-02

The set Iftar menu includes one main dish, one drink and an assortment of appetisers and desserts.

For those looking to break the fast at home for Iftar or Suhoor, Remman Café offers free delivery services across Doha from 3:30 pm till 2:30 am during Ramadan.

Price: Sunday to Saturday QAR90 per person; Children between 5-12 years of age enjoy a 50% discount. Suhoor options are available on an a la carte basis.

Timings:  Iftar starts from 5:30 pm; Suhoor starts from 9:30 pm

Ramadan Hours: 5:30 pm—3 am daily

Location: Ezdan Tower 1 , West Bay, Doha

Click here for Remman Cafe’s Executive Chef Rami Ishak exclusive Ramadan recipe. 

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