Launched in May during the holy month of Ramadan, Education Above All (EAA) Foundation’s nationwide fundraising campaign, under the theme ‘No Child Left Out’, garnered an overwhelming support from donors in Qatar.

EAA’s ‘No Child Left Out’ slew of projects and initiatives assist marginalised and impoverished children to access quality and baseline education, regardless of  geographical and socio-economic barriers, offering them logistical, technical and psychosocial support in the process.

On the heels of this fundraising campaign, a total of QAR15 million will be channelled to the efforts and worldwide beneficiaries of EAA’s Educate A Child (EAC) and Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) educational programmes for marginalised and impoverished children, to provide them access to quality educational facilities and resources.

EAA’s fundraising campaign kicked off  in May with a special episode on Qatar TV’s Hayatuna programme. The campaign was officially announced by Dr Ali M Al Quradaghi, Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars and Vice Chairman for European Council for Fatwa and Research, who stressed on the importance and meaning of Sadaqah and Zakat in Ramadan, and in supporting the universal right for education.

EAA Foundation Ethiopia
(Photograph taken by Tim Bishop/Quite Frankly productions) At Welkite Primary School, Welkite Village in Bale, in the southeastern region of Ethiopia. 

To this end, the EAA Foundation is eligible to receive Sadaqah and Zakat donations to fund its programmes, including several projects in Somalia, Gaza, Lebanon, Turkey, Mali, Pakistan, Iraq, Qatar and many other countries. Qatar Radio also cast the fundraising call to the local community on its Layali Ramadan Programme.

Central to the success of EAA’s fundraising campaign are partnerships with various companies and organisations in Qatar. EAA’s fundraising success is the conclusion of many others in the past two years; most notable of which was EAC’s milestone achievement in 2018 – securing commitments needed to provide access to quality primary education for more than 10.4 million out of school children – over 7.5 million of whom are already enrolled. That same year, EAC also secured over US$1.8 billion in investments into its projects.

Speaking on the turnout for EAA’s second Ramadan fundraising campaign, Mohamed Al Naama, Senior Representative of the Fundraising Department at EAA Foundation said that their fundraising success takes on a different meaning this year, thanks to the support of partners here and across the globe. He said that these numbers are proof that no ambition is too big when people harness their energy, resources and efforts toward the greater good of their communities and others.

Since we first started our mission, we have repeatedly stressed on the power of a collective in accomplishing what no organisation can single-handedly achieve. Our partner network, to this end, was not merely an official list of committees and organisations enrolled under our programmes, but simply, individuals who have risen to the responsibility and call of making the universal right to primary and basic education a reality.

In this fundraising effort, these partners were customers, viewers, broadcasters and staff who answered our call with overwhelming support. And for this, we are immensely grateful and proud to have rallied the Qatari community behind our mission.

EAA Foundation Sara
Sara, 9, pictured in her class at Jefna school, in Zahle, Lebanon. Sara and her family are Palestinian Syrians who fled their home in Syria in 2013, after a rocket hit their house.

He also extended special thanks to Qatar TV for the central role it played in the success of the fundraising efforts.

Qatar TV’s depiction of our ambitions and the hard realities our beneficiaries face in accessing the most basic of their educational rights was one that resonated with the local community in unimaginable ways. There could have been no better mouthpiece for our efforts.’

Across its programmes, EAA continues to tackle deep-rooted socioeconomic barriers in its mission toward equal access to quality education across underserved communities around the world. Last year, EAA’s programmes recorded several milestones and projects under this mission.

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