Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) aims to keep their facilities the preferred destination for people in Qatar during Ramadan and that is why AZF will provide a comprehensive programme of social, religious and sport activities throughout the holy month.

Corporate Communications Manager at Aspire Zone Foundation, Nasser Abdullah Al Hajri, said:

Every year, our mandate is to provide religious and sport activities that are accessible to everyone. In order to achieve this goal, we are committed to organising exceptional events that will help members of society keep fit. Through these initiatives, we look forward to being the destination of choice for our community to enjoy during the evening hours of Ramadan.’

Building on the successes of last year, AZF in collaboration with Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), will host the Ramadan program entitled Bashayer Al Rahma. This initiative will focus on a series of activities during Ramadan that speak to the significance of the holy month including, presentations and seminars by Religious Scholars about different Islamic themes.

For the 3rd year in a row, AZF will organise its Ramadan Sports Festival. The programme has expanded this year to involve 11 different activities for men, women, children and people with special needs. The activities will include beach football, volleyball, football, basketball, football for juniors, American football, handball, car racing by remote control and table tennis.

Ramadan Sports Festival will also offer special activities for women in cooperation with Qatar Women’s Sports Committee, in order to encourage women to stay active during the holy month. As egalitarianism is one of the basic concepts in Islam, AZF in cooperation with Qatar Paralympic Committee, will also organise a special table tennis tournament for people with special needs.

In order to encourage the community to continue exercising during Ramadan, Aspetar is re-launching its overwhelmingly popular campaign, Fasting for Health. The one-month programme, which also ran last year, will include tips designed to help members of the community to keep fit and healthy.  These tips will be available on various social media platforms and will target not only the local residents but residents of the Gulf region. The helpful tips have been developed by the hospital’s leading sports experts. Additionally, as part of the initiative, Aspetar will compile a comprehensive Ramadan calendar that will feature a range of information, including daily prayer times.

Aiming to appeal to children, AZF will organise a number of fun activities for them including, games, a Fun Zone, bouncy castles, colouring and painting at Aspire Dome. Families will have the opportunity to leave their children at the Fun Zone in Aspire Dome, while performing different sports at Ramadan Sports Festival. They will also have the option to run or jog at ‘Splash and Dash‘ and take part in other activities organised by Aspire.

Mid-Ramadan, children in Qatar traditionally celebrates Garangao, which consists of wearing folkloric clothes and asking for candies and nuts. This year, AZF will organise a special traditional event, full of engaging activities to ingrain the values of giving and unity and to celebrate traditional legacies. This important festivity will be held on 11 July 2014 from 7:30 pm till 12 am (midnight). During this time, Aspire Park will be transformed into a giant recreational and sports center. Children will be able to watch or participate in a number of activities including, running, stilt walking, acrobatic shows tightrope walking and learning calligraphy. AZF invites all families in Qatar to participate in Garangao and savor a traditional occasion, which blends Qatari and Gulf societies with local Qatari families.

In line with its social corporate responsibility, AZF in coordination with RaF will distribute 1,000 iftar meals daily, to people fasting. Meals will be offered to individuals located on roads close to Aspire during the time of Maghrib prayer. Part of the annual ‘Iftar on the Road Project,’ this Iftar will include: a bottle of water, dates, yogurt, pie, fruits and a light meal.

For more information, visit Aspire’s Life In Aspire website.