Les Clefs d’Or Qatar is proud to announce the election of Randy Santos as the third vice-president of Les Clefs d’Or International at the 64th International Congress held in Berlin last March.

Randy Santos is the first Middle East member to be elected for the fourth highest position within this prestigious global association of hotel concierges, a historical win for Qatar and the region.

Internationally, Les Clefs d’Or Qatar, which was recognised as an independent chapter within UICH in 2014, only represents 2% of the nearly 4,000 members.

Santos said that running for third Vice President is not a privilege but an honour, as he is allowed to ‘serve’ everyone. In his acceptance speech, Santos also focused on the continuous growth of the Middle Eastern hotel industry and his goal to provide support to every Concierge worldwide as they expand their existing network.

‘Representing Qatar on an international level and becoming part of the Executive Committee of UICH – Les Clefs d’Or international is beneficial for both the tourism here in Qatar and the region.’

Les Clefs d’Or International was formed in France in 1929. The members serve as global ambassadors of their host countries and the hotels where they are employed in.

At present, Qatar has 18 Clefs d’Or concierges, recognisable through the key they display on the lapels of their uniforms. The crossed gold keys symbolise the commitment of the members to guaranteed, quality service at par with international standards.

For more information on Les Clef d’Or, visit lesclefsdor.org or facebook.com/lesclefsdorintl/