In partnership with the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), represented by the Public Relations Department, the Ras Laffan Community Outreach Program launched the ‘Bedar’ Community Initiative for workers in the northern region, at a function held at the Officers Club of the General Directorate of Civil Defence.

The aim of the initiative is to reach out to workers in Qatar, raise their awareness, and develop their skills and involve them in the development of society and the preservation of their property through a series of training programmes and awareness workshops that raise their awareness on safety, health, customs, traditions and community culture.

Sheikha Al Anoud Al Thani, Head of Media Studies at the Public Relations Department of MOI, said the initiative aims to promote awareness among residents on security and safety. The initiative is under the supervision of the Community Outreach Office of the PR Department.

According to Sheikha Dana Al Thani, Senior Officer at Ras Laffan Community Outreach Program, the initiative is launched to build a bridge of effective communication between major industrial companies in the northern areas and all segments of community.

The idea of ​​launching this initiative is based on the official directions of government institutions that seek to take care of workers from different communities.’

Ibraheem Al Sada, Coach of the ‘Train the Trainer Program’ said that sustaining the impact of this initiative is a real added value.

A group of trainers and lecturers from Asian communities are trained using the most common languages, who will in return work as awareness and development ambassadors in their companies and residential complexes.’

The initiative will serve as a link between the departments of MOI and the large number of employees in companies operating in Qatar, which will be connected through the trainers selected for the programme. The trainers will be assisted to develop their skills through the ‘Training of Trainers (TOT)’, and will be ambassadors in their companies and residential complexes. The initiative is in coordination with the different departments of MOI.

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