The National Strategy for Traffic Safety has achieved a remarkable improvement in the standard of traffic safety in Qatar as the number of traffic accident deaths decreased by 25% compared to 2013, according to Brigadier Muhammed Abdullah Al Malky, Secretary General of the Qatar National Traffic Safety Committee, during the closing ceremony of the International Traffic Safety Conference held this week.   

Qatar received the international prize for traffic safety for 2018 in recognition of this success.

Brigadier Al Malki announced the recommendations of the conference to further strengthen the present traffic safety system in the country, and to maintain the current results. Qatar intends to reduce traffic accident death rates to 50% by 2022 in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

  • Enhance cooperation with the United Nations and take part in traffic safety related agreements
  • Strengthen the role of intelligent transport systems, not only in solving traffic congestion problems, but to improve traffic safety and reduce irregularities or misconduct of road users
  • Emphasize the importance of a precise database for traffic and traffic accidents in line with best international practices

The conference also underscored the importance of developing traffic accident investigations to identify the causes of accidents and to develop effective solutions. A complete list of topics discussed during the conference is available through this link.

A copy of the National Strategy for Traffic Safety is available here