Qatar Foundation’s media initiative shortlists science and technology standouts for ‘Best Arab Innovator’ title

Thousands of hopefuls vied to be named Arab World’s Best Innovator on Season 9 of Qatar Foundation (QF) Stars of Science TV programme and after three intense rounds of casting, nine innovators were chosen to compete for the highly-coveted title.

Hassina Bacha envisions clear eyesight for children everywhere, while Fouad Maksoud dreams of multi-functional, life-saving clothes. Mindful of a healthy lifestyle, Mohamad Farag is looking to turn the exercise world upside down. Planning to change lives of both young and old, Meshal Alshahrani takes navigation for Mecca pilgrims to a whole new level.

Ahmed Nabeel’s surgical tool idea will no doubt blow away surgeons and patients around the world. Another science sensation is Mohammed Al Jefairi, tackling the nexus of sign language and education. Wassim El Hariri takes on the hospital food game, gearing for efficiency and convenience. Arabic coffee addicts will fall in love with Wissam Manshi’s invention. Zainab Abosuhail doesn’t fix something if it’s not broken, but if it is, she knows several effective ways to put broken bones back together.

Great ideas are the product of collaboration, said Khalifa Al Kubaisi, Qatar Foundation Head of Press Office.

Stars of Science innovators will have access to a vast innovation ecosystem. They will leverage these resources – and each other – to develop real prototypes that have the potential to improve lives in the region and throughout the world.’

Next weekend’s episode featuring Season 2 winner and Prototec founder Sadeq Qassim, will provide an in-depth look at the progress made by the first group. Natural communicator Mohammed Al Jefairi will showcase an interactive robotic teacher for the deaf, designed to help teach young children sign language. Headstrong Ahmed Nabeel is developing a self-cleaning laparoscope with a virtual beam, a surgical tool that could help surgeons save time in the operating room and help students track operations with more precision. The witty Wissam Manshi is working on an Arabic coffee robotic waiter that autonomously serves Arabic coffee.

Episodes airing on 3 and 4 November, and featuring Season 1 winner and Roadie Tuner founder Bassam Jalgha, pits the laboratory inhabitants against each other. The charismatic Fouad Maksoud works on a Nano-shielding textile machine that uses the power of petrochemicals to turn clothing waterproof. He will compete with the talented Zainab Abosuhail, whose idea for an automatic cast-making machine could change the way broken bones are mended. Both have to watch out for methodical Mohamed Farag. His ‘Smart kit retrofit kit’ idea blends technology with old exercise equipment to revolutionise workouts.

In the last of the prototyping episodes, the final laboratory will have a chance to show off their projects to the jury, with an appearance from alumnus and tech entrepreneur Anwar Almojarkesh. Bookworm Hassina Bacha will give demo on a device that tests children for vision problems. Whiz-kid engineer Meshal Alshahrani will unveil a Hajj navigation bracelet to help pilgrims navigate the Holy City of Mecca without getting lost. Lastly, the brilliant Wassim El Hariri will demonstrate his ‘hospital patient food-delivery robot’ designed to serve meals to hospital patients.

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