Courses ranging from photography to fashion design for children and high school students will be taking place in Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQatar) this summer, under the university’s Summer Art and Design Program.

The VCUQatar Summer Program was conceived to engage young students who may not have access to an art education at their own schools, and get them interested in art and design during their school holidays. Students can explore a wide variety of art and design techniques and media, and are taught creative thinking and creative processes. The 2017 Summer Art and Design Program for Children and High School Students at VCUQatar includes 16 different art and design courses for all age groups.

Two one week Art Fun classes invite 4-6-year-old children to explore art making techniques, while 7-9-year-old children can enjoy two weeks of Art plus Math & Science – of course1 and 10-12-year-old teens can delve into two Art Exploration classes around pop art and collage creatures. There are 3D Sculpture classes for ages 7-9 / 10-15 and 15+, and an Experimental Print and Collage Workshop for ages 10-15.

High school students who are interested in a potential career in art and design will find well-structured offerings in the Creative Discovery (two weeks for ages 13-15), Arts Intensive (one week for ages 16+) and Design Intensive (two weeks for ages 16+) courses that will give them an intimate insight into the majors taught at VCUQatar’s degree programmes. Teens with a specific interest in fashion can study fashion illustration and portfolio building. Those who want to improve their photographic skills and create a larger body of images can join a photography class.

All courses are hands-on studio-type classes taught by accomplished local and international instructors. Some programmes include museum or gallery visits and movie screenings. They vary in length: there are one week and two week programmes that could also be combined to allow an overall programme length of up to four weeks. Classes are held in the mornings from Sunday to Thursday at VCUQatar, starting from 9 July until 3 August.

Courses are open to children and high school students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of art, design and craft. All classes are open to both genders, and are taught in English at VCUQatar’s building, located within the Education City campus on Al Luqta Street.

For more information and to register, please visit