Assorted healthy food

A new, countrywide weight losing competition will get everyone on the way to a fitter and healthier body, starting on 12 February – the National Sport Day.

This initiative, aimed at promoting the health and social benefits of an active lifestyle and a balanced diet, is open to both men and women and will run for a whole year –winners will be rewarded with valuable prizes at the 2014 National Sport Day.

The challenge is set and directed to encourage overweight contestants to lose weight and adopt a better lifestyle, with winners being selected on the base of criteria such as weight losing ratio, percentage of fat loss and overall fitness and shape.

Participants will be offered support throughout the year-long competition, in the shape of tailor-made dietary programmes, health and fitness consultations, specially-made workouts and special events in addition to the sport participation schemes aiming to involve individuals in sport activities.

The weight losing competition will reward winners who have worked the hardest to improve themselves and their everyday choices but with the great bonus of achieving a healthy and happier life, everyone participating in this competition is already a winner.


Participants can register ONLY on National Sport Day, 12 February, at the sign-up locations within the Qatar Olympic Committee Sports Zone on the Doha Corniche, Katara and Aspire Zone. All entrants will be divided into three age groups for each gender, with three winners declared in each one and an overall ‘Winner of Winners’ for each gender, adding up to 20 total prize-achievers to be announced on the 2014 National Sport Day.