Crossroads Kitchen at Marriott Marquis City Center Doha is a restaurant of options. With delicious cuisine from five continents, it is guaranteed to have something for everyone. The Street Bites Lunch is a buffet designed to give you the chance to sample as much of that exotic cuisine as possible. However, at Crossroads Kitchen they have taken your level of choice one step further!

During the week, when work is hectic and you can only escape for an hour, would you have time to sit and sample a humongous buffet? Probably not… but Crossroads Kitchen has solved that problem for you. At this lunch, the buffet has been expertly broken down into smaller buffets as it were. Not only can you indulge in the entire buffet – you can grab a bite from the Make Your Own Salad Bar for just QAR25, the Soup and Salad Bar for QAR45, the Hot Buffet for QAR55 or even the Dessert Station for just QAR20!


If you were investing in a long, leisurely lunch we would highly recommend sampling the full buffet. The food at Crossroads Kitchen is always a treat and the restaurant itself has been recently remodelled… and expanded! With a bright, new, industrial design, this restaurant is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a scrumptious lunch.


There are plenty of delicious dishes to indulge in. However, if you are still following your New Year’s health plan, you can try out the Make Your Own Salad section. For QAR25 you can pile your plate high with as much salad as you like – and then return for seconds. I once heard that the secret to a good salad was to include as much flavour and texture as possible, and at this salad bar that’s not hard to do at all. You could start with a bed of lettuce, of course, but then… where to start?! There were cold cuts of meat – chicken cubes, turkey bits, and beef bits – there were nuts – cashews, walnuts, and almonds – and there were other veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers… the list really is endless. By the time we had finished piling our plates high, we couldn’t even see the lettuce we had started with anymore.  All these offerings were fresh and crisp and made for a completely delightful, and guilt-free, start to the meal.

After our very, very generous helping of salad, we decided to get right back out there to sample the Soup and Sandwich station. The Mee Robus soup on offer was utterly mouth-watering. The thick potato curry broth was full of flavour but we could definitely detect the subtle, salty tang of the prawns as we downed mouthful after mouthful. However, if you aren’t keen on this Malaysian dish, there was also a steaming Potato and Leek soup available. The sandwich of the day was a made to order Doner Kebab! Yum!


After our second course, it certainly took us a little longer to get out of our seats to investigate the next station. However, the Hot Buffet had too many tantalising items on offer to not at least take a look. When we arrived, we discovered plate after plate of global favourites: Vegetable Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Noodles, Seafood Stew, and Anticucho. Each dish was tasty and unique and left us wanting more.


If you’re feeling a bit sinful, or perhaps you’re just having one of those days, you can have unlimited access to the dessert table. Yes, a whole table for just QAR20! There were chocolate cakes, chocolate brownies, carrot cake, mixed fruit tartlets… the list never ends. The carrot cake, for example, had a moist and rich base, generously drizzled with soft, sweet cream cheese icing. But dessert doesn’t have to be unhealthy! You could taste some of the large selection of fresh fruits on offer.

By the time we left the restaurant we were all stuffed, but we noticed that we had each tried a completely different range of cuisine. We noted that the Street Bites Lunch is the perfect place to meet up with a big group of friends – because there’s so much choice! Whether you’re all on a different budget or some of you only have half an hour during the week to gulp something down, you can all find the perfect option for you at Crossroads Kitchen.

Sunday to Thursday, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Price: QAR85 for the complete buffet
Call: 4419 5000

Review by: Charlotte Wright

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