With summer still lingering, we’re starting to miss the outdoors. But it is still a bit too hot and humid to sit outside and enjoy a tasty meal – especially at lunchtime. However… we have found the perfect spot to bask in the sunlight and enjoy a delicious meal while being sheltered from the heat.

The Majlis restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel & Villas has recently constructed a huge outdoor patio area where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine, all while luxuriating in air-conditioned comfort. The glass walls provide a beautiful, panoramic view of the gardens, the sea and The Pearl-Qatar, which you can enjoy while sipping freshly squeezed juice or a cup of coffee.

Grand Hyatt MajlisWhen we first entered the venue, we immediately noticed how bright and warm the room appears. You almost feel as though you could get a tan! The deep, comfy armchairs make the perfect place to lounge and snooze the day away. As we were shown to our own comfy chairs, Assistant Manager Hossam told us that food wasn’t the only treat we could enjoy at Majlis. There were several flavours of shisha on display and even some backgammon boards!

The Arabic menu at Majlis matches its new outdoor vibe perfectly. It’s chock full of refreshing salads, cool mezzes and fresh juices. But if you’re feeling slightly more peckish they also provide plenty of heartier choices like sandwiches, mixed grills and kebabs. If you’ve ever had to choose a movie on Netflix, or pick a place to eat with your friends – you’ll understand the agony of the choice we had to make. With so many delicious items on the menu, it was easier to place trust in a professional: Chef Omar Marina.

Grand Hyatt Majlis

For our starters, he gave us two gorgeous, green salads. The first was a Rocca lettuce and goats cheese salad with onions, walnuts, olive oil and lemon. The lettuce was crunchy, fresh and perfectly seasoned while the goat’s cheese was soft and creamy. The second salad was a mix of chunky tomato, lettuce, green pepper, parsley, all thinly coated in a delicious light dressing.

Grand Hyatt Majlis

Just as we were saying how our salads could have been a meal on their own, our main courses arrived. The first dish was an overflowing plate of mixed grill with lamb chops, Adana kebab, beef kofte, chicken shish, AND braised bulgur with a side of tomato, green chilli and onion. If you’re worried that this might just be a huge plate of meat – you couldn’t be more wrong! Each of the meats tasted unique and provided a wonderful selection of the best of Arabic-style cooking.

Alongside this meat feast was a delicious vegetarian option, a lightly spiced Moroccan stew with perfectly cooked carrots, onions and aubergines in a tasty tomato and lentil ragu. This disappeared quite swiftly – and so did the accompanying basket of freshly baked bread! Apparently licking the plate isn’t the done thing in public … but it was tempting!

Grand Hyatt Majlis

What else could we have for dessert but a Turkish Kunafah? Kunafah consists of thin noodle-like pastry which has been soaked in sweet syrup coating a slab of cheese and which is then fried. The pastry coating on this dish can be very sweet but in Majlis, the combination of the pastry and the cheese adds a saltiness which will make your mouth water!

Chef Omar had also made a flourless chocolate cake, instead made with almond flour and resulting in a slice of moreish Moorish chocolatey goodness. Each dessert was served with a scoop of handmade vanilla ice cream as well and to wash it all down, small glasses of Moroccan mint tea. Absolutely perfect.

Facts: You can contact Majlis at the Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel & Villas on their website or call 4448 1282. The food at Majlis is served on: Sunday — Wednesday at 12 pm — 12 am, and from Thursday — Saturday from 12 pm — 12:30 am. The shisha and beverage service starts from 12:30 pm — 1 am.

Author: Sarah Palmer and Charlotte Wright

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