One thing you notice upon walking into Sridan restaurant at the JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel is just how large it is. Beautifully decorated in the style of a traditional Arabian souq, you may be forgiven for not actually reaching your table due to admiring the tiles, gushing over the tableware, salivating at the aroma of the food…

And food is precisely why we were here – we had been invited to try the Wednesday seafood night, one of several theme nights at Sridan. We were met by affable restaurant manager Mehdi, who showed us all the various parts of the outlet (which included private rooms for parties and a fab cocktail bar) before directing us to a highly desirable table by the window.

As well as the view overlooking the city centre, we had an excellent vantage point of all the food stations, and we couldn’t wait to check out the food on offer – although where should we start? There was so much! Thankfully Chef Muthu came to the rescue, and my fishy friend and I set off on our seafaring journey around the Middle East and Asia.

There is an incredibly fresh array of salads to start off with, including mezze, smoked salmon, and fresh seafood. Our journey then took in Indian favourites – dal, biryani and vegetable curry – before progressing through the Middle East – potato harra and fried fish. There are also sushi, pasta and soup stations, and a selection of international favourites, such as seafood Thermidor, glazed greens and garlic roast potatoes.

Our voyage naturally culminated in the fresh fish station. There is a trawlerman’s paradise to choose from: lobster, salmon, calamari and bass are just a few available. These can be cooked however you like, with Chef Muthu adding that allergies are not a problem and can be easily accommodated. He will even quite happily walk around the stations with you should you need assistance!

Mehdi was back on hand to recommend a mixed platter for us to try, and no sooner had we scoffed our salads Chef Muthu was bringing over a fantastic haul. We feasted our eyes and then our mouths on juicy calamari, perfectly cooked fried sea bass and salmon, followed by succulent grilled lobster. Rest assured not one piece was left! And do make sure you accompany these fishy treats with Sridan’s special citrus and Vierge sauces. No, they are not necessary, as the fish is succulent and tasty enough without. However, these two sauces lifted the dishes to even greater heights. We liked them so much Mehdi was kind enough to send us the recipes!

We made sure there was some room left to try the sushi, which were simply delicious little parcels of sticky rice and fish. We also endeavoured to squeeze in a plate of the best chicken tikka and naan in town, and a few of those divine garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes, and just a spoonful of aromatic biryani, with a mere dash of dal… it was all too good to resist!

We headed over to the dessert station and coffee bar to finish off our culinary expedition. Time flies when you’re having fun, and being a school night we reluctantly left. We were quite sad to leave, as the food was exceptional and the service outstanding, and there is no doubt we will return quite soon.

Yes, Sridan have fish, and very good fish it is too. So go for the fish, but go for everything else as well. You won’t be disappointed.

Need to know info: Seafood Night is every Wednesday, 6:30 pm–10 pm for QAR280 per person

Sridan is open 6 am – 10:30 pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a variety of theme nights and a Friday brunch. 4429 5295,

Author: Sarah Palmer

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