Royal Grammar School Qatar (RGSGQ), one of the leading British international schools in Qatar, has proudly become the first educational institution in the country to adopt Footbar, the innovative football performance tracker that is transforming the game for players at all levels. The AI technology, which counts international football legend Raphael Varane among its investors, offers detailed playing stats previously only available to professional athletes.

Footbar is a game-changing tracker that has been meticulously designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive. Worn on the calf, this sensor diligently records a player’s leg movements during a match or training session. Utilising advanced artificial intelligence, it converts this data into comprehensive football statistics. Players can then access insights such as the number of shots, passes, shot speed, and sprint speed directly on their smartphones through a user-friendly app, reminiscent of the popular FIFA video game. The app generates a personalised FiIFA card for each player, showcasing their real-life performance metrics, which can be shared across social media platforms.

Paul Williamson, Principal at RGS, is very proud of this innovative collaboration, said: ‘Physical Education and Sport at RGS Qatar aims to provide effective teaching and coaching to allow students to leave the school with the ability to make informed decision about themselves, the activities which they take part in, and an understanding of how this will affect their lives and their lifestyle. We aim to encourage and foster a healthy attitude towards physical activity and sport, which continues beyond RGS Qatar. We are always keen to develop our sporting facilities and even technology.’ He analyses the rapid expansion of football in Qatar, added: ‘Following the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and Qatar winning the Asian Cup this year, practice of, and interest in football has significantly increased in the country. When we discovered Footbar, this revolutionising football tracker, we immediately saw a great potential to involve our students even more on football pitches and allow them to track their performance and identify areas for improvement using the technology available. This allows the student to take ownership of their own development as a player – a very important part of their journey. Students are also excited to access their own statistics and it creates positive competition amongst them!’

Currently available online at,, and at all Decathlon stores beginning 1 June, Footbar is now making its mark in Qatar after signing an agreement with RGS. Nicolas Frotiee, co-founder of Footbar Middle East, expresses his enthusiasm too about the collaboration with RGS, said that the successful FIFA World Cup in 2022 has already heightened football enthusiasm in Qatar. ‘Our collaboration with RGS is a significant milestone in maintaining this excitement. Through our engaging and gamified app, we aim to draw more Qatari children to the football field while also employing our state-of-the-art technology to scout and nurture the nation’s future football stars. Our technology is certified by KNVB, the Dutch football federation. It enables clubs and academies to build a comprehensive player database to monitor match performances and training efforts, optimising player development and workload balance.’

Footbar’s introduction at RGS heralds a new era for football in Qatar, one where the fusion of technology and sport can cultivate the next generation of football enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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To learn more about Royal Grammar School Guildford Qatar (RGSGQ), visit their website at or contact them at 4036 0450

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