As part of the North Road enhancements project works, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) will be closing a temporary connecting road from Al Shamal northbound on Umm Ethnaitain Interchange.

The closure started on Friday 5 December 2014 and will last for six months. During this period, traffic will be diverted south to exit through a subsidiary road at exit (D) and north through a service road located on the west of North Road.

Drivers will need to go west through Al Zubara Interchange (59) to reach the west side of the North Road. Drivers coming from the western side of Umm Ethnaitain Interchange need (54) to go through Al Ghesen Interchange (48).

This diversion on Umm Ethnaitain is being implemented to allow for the completion of the construction of a two-lane service road on the western side of North Road and a roundabout, as part of North Road enhancement project.

As part of the Expressway Programme, service roads will be constructed along the North Road corridor from the north side of Doha City at Al Duhail Interchange to the City of Al Shamal in north of the State of Qatar. Two new interchanges will be constructed and seven existing interchanges, including Al Kaaban Interchange  which connects to the Al Huwailah Link Road,  will be improved to increase accessibility and traffic flow. Al Khor Road will also be improved with a link road provided between North Road and Umm Birkah Road. A cycle path will be constructed along the length of the North Road for the cycling enthusiast and families alike. The total length of the works is 95.2 km.

The North Road enhancement project will provide first-class access to new developments and improve connections to the north of the country. Dedicated pedestrian and cycle bridges across the North Road will enhance safety for all road users, along with improved access to new and existing developments adjacent to this stretch of highway. Artscape, soft and hard landscape along the entire North Road will improve the driving experience.