ROTA Distributes Groceries to 200 Families for Ramadan

groceries-packingAs part of Reach Out To Asia’s (ROTA) Ramadan 2013 Project, the non-profit organisation distributed groceries to some 200 families in need in Qatar at a time of year when they struggle with increased food prices.

Sponsored by OXY, ROTA’s Ramadan 2013 Project began on 13 July 2013, as around 80 ROTA volunteers came together to pack bulk groceries for families in need before three nights of distribution implemented from 14 to 16 July 2013.

Among the groceries being packed and distributed by ROTA volunteers were rice, oil, milk and flour. By the time all groceries were distributed, ROTA Volunteers had given out basic food items for 200 families and donated 12 hours to help those less fortunate members of society.

ROTA Executive Director Essa Al Mannai said:

ROTA’s Ramadan 2013 Project seeks to provide essential food items to society’s least fortunate individuals, who suffer day in and day out from their economic, social, and personal conditions.’

‘We would also like to say a special thank you to our partners who have made our Ramadan 2013 Project possible and thank each of the volunteers who for all their hard work packing and distributing bulk groceries to those most in need in our communities.’

‘I wanted to help people,’ said Kamran Safdar, a volunteer who took part in the distribution activity. ‘I wanted to see what they need. I wanted to be a part of the community. I think the best thing is the moment when you give things to the people in need…There is no feeling like that.’

The Volunteer Program worked with the Social Development Centre (SDC) to identify families in need to include in the distribution list. With the assistance and support from SDC, the ROTA Volunteer Program targeted 200 families in the Packing & Distribution of Bulk Groceries activity. OXY Qatar project sponsorship covered the costs of the bulk groceries for this activity and was supplemented by food products supplied by the government upon request.

For more information on ROTA Ramadan 2013 Project, visit ROTA’s website or Facebook page.