Reach Out To Asia Qatar’s leading non-profit education and community development organization, revealed that QR161,000 proceeds were raised following its 3rd Fundraising Suhoor to support ‘My Education…My Hope’ fundraising campaign. The event was attended by ROTA’s esteemed partners and sponsors who helped contribute to the success of the campaign.

The silent auction was held at the QF Student Centre and featured as many as ten photographs taken by Ben Barbour, a Doha based artist, who participated in the Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture. The auction also included select photographs by Faisal Adama,  Aisha Ghanem Al Attiya, Khalid Al Muslimeni.

This Ramadan, ROTA is asking people in Qatar to reflect on what their life and career would be like without access to education. For many of our neighbours in Asia and the Arab world, education is just a dream. This unique initiative will offer people in Qatar the opportunity to give the gift of education to the most vulnerable communities. The purpose of which is to help raise awareness and funds for children in Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan and Nepal, as well as Syrian refuges in Lebanon.

Essa  Al-Mannai, Executive Director of ROTA said:

It is an honour to see our local artists put in so much dedication and commitment to help support ROTA’s ‘My Education.. My Hope’ Campaign. This campaign embodies our continuous efforts to provide access to quality education for those in desperate need; the campaign’s name itself reflects our deep belief education leads to a feeling of hope for those affected and a way towards achieving self-confidence and aspirations both personally and professionally.  I’m so proud of our local community and I believe with their overwhelming support, ROTA will once again make a difference to disadvantaged communities in all of our neighbouring countries during the Holy Month of Ramadan.’

Visit ROTA’s official website for more information on  how to donate.