Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Rumailah Hospital has launched an education series designed to help nurses develop the skills and professional mechanisms required to manage emotionally challenging times and, in turn, improve the nurse-patient relationship.

 The driving force behind the implementation of the education series, which started in 2011, is improving patient satisfaction and promoting a positive caring experience through evidence–based practice. Jasmin Cherian, A/DON at RH, stated that the education series equips nurses with the communications skills required to better understand patient preferences.

These sessions play a crucial role in improving nurse-patient relationships as they teach nurses how to prioritize and outline patients’ clinical care and they also provide nurses with the appropriate communication skills required to empathize with patient preferences.’

Commenting on the initiative Ghaya Al Tamimi, Director of Nursing at Rumailah Hospital, said the sessions have improved the relationship between nurses and their patients.

As a result of these educational sessions, the inter-professional relations between staff have significantly improved and the role of nurses as patient advocates in the care and management of their patients has become more apparent. Nurses are now able to interact confidently with other disciplines; their goal is more focused on the perspectives of their patients and their communication skills are more efficient in promoting positive and productive relationships with patients, their families and staff from other disciplines within the healthcare setting.’

The therapeutic nurse-patient relationship education series was recently recognized by HMC during the 2013 Stars of Excellence Awards with a Star of Excellence in the category of Education. The initiative was acknowledged for its contribution in helping to improve the overall health service delivery, enhance the patient experience and achieve HMC’s unifying goal of providing the safest, most effective and compassionate healthcare for each and everyone of our patients.