As part of the successful Years of Culture programme of Qatar Museums (QM), renowned Russian artist Zara, will be performing at the Katara Opera House this Monday, 29 October. The artist will be performing iconic songs from her repertoire, and is expected to entertain audiences with stories of romance and patriotism as well as cultural classics.

The concert is part of Qatar Russia 2018 – an extension of the Years of Culture programme, and designed to deepen understanding between the people of Qatar and Russia through mutual exchanges of arts and heritage. It comes as part of QM’s commitment to promote Qatari culture to international audiences, and at the same time bring inspirational experiences to the local community. Zara is known for her harmonious blend of western and eastern cultures.

The artist, originally from St Petersburg, began her career at the age of 12 when she recorded and released her first solo album, ‘The Heart of Juliette’. Her repertoire includes songs in English, French and Spanish, among other languages, allowing her powerful performances to extend far beyond the borders of Russia. She has performed in big  cities such as Rome and Paris. She has also worked with musical legends such as Mireille Mathieu and Andrea Bocelli.

‘Singing Arms’, a group of ‘gestural singers’ with hearing impairment from St Petersburg, will join in Zara’s concert. The young group of performers had previously performed at the UNESCO headquarters, during Zara’s solo concert at the Grand Kremlin Palace, and on the stage of ‘Helikon Opera’ as part of ‘You are Unique’ social programme. Zara’s collaboration with the group comes as part of her commitment to various charity initiatives in Russia and beyond.

The concert is free and seats will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Interested attendees are requested to send an RSVP email to [email protected].