With summer reaching its peak in Qatar, extreme heat conditions can cause cars to breakdown or fail in the most unexpected situations. Audi Qatar advises all car owners to perform routine maintenance to ensure a hassle-free road experience.

From overheating to tyre bursts, or wear and tear, your vehicle is prone to a considerable amount of damage this time of the year.

Keep Them Rolling

One of the major areas of concern is the car tyre. During summer, tyres are automatically stressed and as a result become more recalcitrant.  This increases the risk of a possible blowout that can be fatal while driving on the road. To avoid unpleasant incidents, it is recommended to regularly monitor tyres and tyre pressure.

Audi Service Manager, Michel Youssef says, “Tyres are crucial components of your vehicle that keep you safe on the road. While servicing your car, make sure you also check the depth of treads on your tyre, driving with low depth tread tyres is dangerous as they lead to tyre failure. Also, check if your tyres have suffered any wear and tear, and replace them immediately.”

Fix the Cracks

Extreme heat also takes a toll on the engine’s belts and hoses. These components are critical for the engine’s cooling system. Under high temperatures, these flexible materials may suffer cracks, bulges, frays and excessive wear and tear, and must be replaced immediately to prevent the car from overheating.

“At Audi, we recommend a minimum thickness of 9 mm for your brake pad. If you notice a loss in grip while braking, or if your car screeches when coming to a halt, it’s time you check your brakes. Brakes are one of the most important safety features in your car, so always make sure they are in a perfect condition.”

Cool off with a coolant

Just like your body needs to be constantly hydrated in the summer heat, it is imperative that your vehicle is sufficiently cooled to withstand the rising temperature. Summer conditions can heat up even Audi’s technically advanced robust engines to over 100 degrees, which can lead to the engine’s malfunctioning. Using a superior quality coolant can help evade this situation, but one must ensure that the coolant tank is in a perfect condition without any leaks.

Batteries too face a similar fate when your car is exposed to high temperatures. During summer, the fluids in batteries evaporate faster, which may cause the terminals to corrode. It’s strongly recommended to clean any corrosive residue from the battery terminals and cable clamps. Furthermore, make sure the car battery is firmly secured; when batteries begin to vibrate, there are chances of an internal breakdown and subsequent failure.

Keep the air flowing

To make your drive pleasant during summer, make sure the car is equipped with a well-functioning air conditioner. The interiors of cars tend to heat quickly when parked outdoors. Hence, it is necessary that the car’s air conditioning provides an immediate cooling effect to passengers seated inside. Conduct routine checks of air filters and radiators to maintain a normal coolant level.

Audi Qatar offers round the clock assistance through a range of service mobility options. These include Audi Assist breakdown service, vehicle collection and delivery service, customer ‘drop-back’ service and Service Mobiles for on-site diagnosis and repair.

Safe driving!