What is Salad Boutique?

Salad Boutique is a unique bistro created by three food-loving entrepreneurs, whose aim was to own a place, which would not only be known for its difference, but also for its creative approach to food.

Salad Boutique is the Arab region’s first restaurant specialising in serving salads as a main course in all flavours and textures. Each of the recipes is prepared distinctively from personal experiences, travels and international world of taste and ingredients.

Salad Boutique’s first outlet was in Kuwait in 2009 and by 2010, their first regional franchises opened in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The latest Salad Boutique franchise is now in Qatar.

Salad Boutique Qatar

Salad Boutique Qatar is located in Aspire Zone, beside the Ladies Sport Hall.

Their specialised Qatar menu includes over 100 different varieties of salads. They also serve a selection of sandwiches, mini-burgers and risotto.

Want to know what’s on their menu? Visit Salad Boutique Qatar’s menu! For more information, call Salad Boutique Qatar at 4413 6044.