The luxury shoemakers, Santoni has opened in the Pearl Doha.

Santoni company was founded in 1975 and started hand making high quality men’s shoes and have since branched out to make ladies shoes, childrens shoes and leather accessories. All the shoes are unique, each hand dyed so all are slightly different and individual to the wearer.

Marhaba was invited to view the new collection which has been tailored to fit with the demands of the Gulf. Loafers and sandals are very popular and so Frederico Ferranti (below) encouraged their production, just for the Gulf. He said that comfort is very important in Qatar and that the Club Line is the most popular line.

Women on the other hand, “they like to suffer” he said cheekily, alluding to the heels that women tend to favour. Santoni has made them as comfortable as possible, using leather to cushion the impact on the sole.Santoni is a very popular make of shoes and Doha is a fast growing market for luxury goods and already making their presence known in Qatar. They have a lot of regular customers; “as it’s hard to leave after you’ve tried Santoni!” said Ferranti. They have already spent the last two years working with Mercedes AMG to create a sneaker for them.

So if you are in the market for high quality shoes, then head down to the Pearl and check out Santoni.