Sasol has recently issued accessibility guidelines to improve access for people with disabilities to exhibition stands through its leading community initiative Accessible Qatar (AQ). They also developed a system to conduct accessibility audits for these stands.

Recent exhibitions audited include AgriteQ 2018, the 15th Project Qatar Exhibition, and Cityscape at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC). This is the first time in Qatar that accessibility is considered not only on the level of the exhibition as a whole, but also on the level of individual stands.

Audit System

In cooperation with DECC, and based on recommendation by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), the AQ team developed an accessibility audit system for electronic stands.

Through the use of an electronic accessibility audit system, AQ can independently audit the stands at conferences and exhibitions on site. A detailed report can be issued and AQ can immediately announce the most accessible stand in each exhibition, and the level of accessibility of each exhibition. The stands of Qatar Rail and Msheireb Properties were recognised as ‘Most Accessible’ at Cityscape; while Doha Kowate was rewarded the same award at Project Qatar.

Ahmed Al Obaidli, Director of Exhibitions at QTA, they have been working to enhance the tourism sector’s role in achieving economic and social development for Qatar.

Our plans target broad sectors of visitors and residents, including the disabled community, which we hope will find Qatar an accessible destination.’

Sasol Initiatives

Since the launch of Definitely Able and Accessible Qatar initiatives, Sasol has made big strides in promoting accessibility, inclusion, and the empowerment of persons with disability in Qatar. In cooperation with partners from different sectors, Sasol helps make many venues and public places in Qatar more accessible. AQ initiative provides guidance and training on accessibility checks and promotes awareness among venue owners and officials on the importance of accessibility.

Sasol’s community support included the donation of a braille printer to Qatar Social and Cultural Centre for the Blind; supporting and enabling the wheelchair fencing classes in Qatar; sponsoring the operetta and graduation of the Al Nour Institute for the Blind; sponsoring the Deaf Week including a conference and the Deaf Winter Camp; partnership with MADA for accessibility awareness and awards, in addition to conducting accessibility audit training to many local organisations including the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

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