The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) announced the launch of its ‘Host a Fan’ initiative, enabling households across the country to volunteer to host visiting supporters during upcoming sporting events.

Host a Fan (2)

An expression of the Arab world’s famed hospitality, the first-of-a-kind programme will link supporters travelling to Qatar for major tournaments with locals and residents.

According to SC Project Manager Khalid Al-Jumaily, the Host a Fan initiative is part of SC’s strategy to provide fans visiting Qatar with a variety of culturally rich accommodation options.

This unique approach will not only allow fans to stay in one place throughout the tournament but will also enable them to experience Qatar’s culture through the eyes of a local.

He said that participants in the initiative, many of whom might be visiting Qatar for the first time, will be able to see what the country has to offer in an immersive manner, and will leave with memories that will reach beyond the excitement of what happens on the field of play.

Al-Jumaily stressed that participation will be limited only to hosts and fans who are fully vaccinated, in line with the regulations of the Ministry of Public Health, to limit the spread of COVID-19. The initiative is also completely free of charge.

Visiting fans will not be required to pay for their accommodation, nor will hosts be paid for hosting a fan. Hosts, however, will be able to choose where fans will stay and how long their visit will be. The hosts will also act as cultural guides, showing their guests the country’s most significant cultural destinations and introduce them to local customs and traditions.

Those interested to learn more about the requirements of the initiative can visit Registration for hosts is open from 25 September until 12 October 2021. 

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