Doha College welcomed representatives from schools across Qatar for the recent CLEAPSS conference. Organised by Anisa Abdul Gafoor, Senior Science Technician of Doha College, the event brought together science teachers and technicians to share best practices and laboratory skills to engage the students in advanced chemistry.

Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Science Services (CLEAPSS), first started in the UK in 1963, is an advisory service providing support in science and technology for schools from nursery education through to A-level studies or equivalent, and it is the British standard that overseas practical work around British Curriculum Schools in the UK and abroad. It covers areas of health and safety, chemicals, living organisms, equipment, resources, laboratory design, facilities and fittings, technicians and their jobs, D&T facilities and fittings.

Doha College called on the expertise of Robert Worley, a renowned veteran in micro-scale chemistry, who trained the participants over a two-day course. He demonstrated how a lot can be achieved using very small amounts of chemicals.

The first day of the course dealt with waste disposal of chemicals, storage and handling, practical glass work skills, organising and managing prep rooms, common myths and efficient alternates, and a tour around the model facilities in the Doha College laboratories and prep rooms. The second day was centred on ‘Safe and Successful Advanced LeDoha College3vel Chemistry’, which included practical experiments and an introduction to micro-scale chemistry as an alternative to macro techniques.

These activities are designed to add variety to practical work in schools, not to replace the traditional methods. They also offer something extra such as better classroom control, increased safety, quicker procedures and the underpinning of the essential concepts required to improve the understanding of chemical changes at the atomic level, interpreting the visible with the invisible.

Emma Bridges, Doha British School, said:

Once again, thanks to Anisa for organising the course. It was so worthwhile, and your efforts are appreciated!’


Ann Lourens, Park House, said:

Thank you for facilitating the course in Doha and for all your hard work and effort. We were really impressed with the content, your organisation and preparation, and we will certainly be able to apply what we learnt.’

Shuchita Chakma, Nord Anglia International School, Al Khor, added:

I enjoyed the science workshop a lot, everything was well organised. You are so cooperative, informative and supportive.’

Worley himself was very impressed with the outcome of the event. He said:

I loved all your faces when you saw the diffusing precipitate. Gets me every time as well. But we need to be thankful to Anisa. I have been blessed with good technicians all through my teaching career, and now at CLEAPSS.’

Part of Worley’s work can be seen in a series of videos on the CLEAPSS YouTube channel at

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