The weather is ideal for a dinner night out, and we’re heading to check out The Beach Restaurant at the Chedi Katara Hotel & Resort, GHM Hotels’ first property in Qatar, to try out their Sea-Licious Night offer.

The beachfront restaurant is nestled in the heart of Katara Cultural Village, an architectural marvel draped in opulence and artisanal flare. Paired with the enchanting sea view, the ambience is further elevated.

Prepare to be impressed upon entering the restaurant and strolling along the pathway that leads to The Beach Restaurant, where live music and a stunning vista of the Chedi Katara Hotel & Resort await. With the Arabian Sea as our backdrop, our culinary journey unfolds at a place where we are welcomed to a dining experience that seamlessly blends the beauty of the seascape with the richness of ocean-inspired flavours.

The menu unfolds with a diverse range, from an array of bread options to the delightful babaganoush, a savoury pairing of aubergine with shrimp salad, and the refreshing mixed seafood salad. The crispiness of the yumai that showcases fried fish and calamari salad adds a delightful touch. The Beach Restaurant goes beyond seafood, offering a tempting selection of cold cuts and cheeses.

For seafood enthusiasts, it’s a place where you’re sure to satisfy your cravings. The buffet selection presents an extensive range of international seafood options, including both raw and cooked dishes spanning appetisers, soups, and main courses, ensuring your desire for fresh shrimp, oysters, mussels, prawns, and others, all served fresh.

As our evening unfolds, we’re presented with an extensive selection of seafood, ranging from fresh catch and delights to a vast array of sushi options, including cucumber maki, avocado and togarashi, and salmon avocado Diners get to enjoy a platter of oysters, mussels, and shrimp as well.

The standout highlight of the meal was the snow crab, marking my initial encounter with this crustacean, from the fascinating sight of its distinctive structure to the enjoyable flavour of its tender meat.

On the opposite side of the restaurant, a live cooking station is available for pasta and seafood, should you wish to choose your dish and have it cooked according to how you want it. If you prefer to select your dish and have it prepared to your preferences, make sure not to overlook the ‘fresh catch’ section.

An extensive selection of desserts awaits, including chocolate fondue, assorted fruits, chocolate cake, chocolate and walnut tart, hazelnut panna cotta, trio of chocolate mousses, yuzu and passion meringue tart, and Parisian flan, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by us.

The overall dining experience at The Chedi Katara Hotel & Resort ensures a memorable retreat, providing a splendid getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Sea-Licious Night at The Beach Restaurant in The Chedi Katara Hotel & Resort is available every Wednesday from 7 pm to 10:30 pm and is priced at QAR295 per person. They are also available on My Book, Entertainer, and Urban Points.

For enquiries or reservations, call +974 4144 7777



Author: Patrisha Manzon-Barnole

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