Marhaba, as Qatar’s information provider, has been receiving a lot of inquiries about the big hand sculpture in the middle of Zekreet. After Qatar Museums confirmed that it is not part of their collection, our curiosity led us to ask the public through social media about the controversial public art that just popped up. 

We  received overwhelming responses from our followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

People got back to us with trivial answers, information about hand sculptures around the world.

When shared in the Facebook group When, Where and How in Doha, Lauren pasted a screenshot of a previous post about the monumental hands that rise from water in Venice to highlight climate change. Mark, on the other hand, said it’s a Diego Maradona piece in Mexico.

Some people (including us!) found the humour in the big-scale statue.

And some more interesting comments:

The best answer we received is from Ahmed Khalid on Facebook. He said the hand was used in a film production shoot in Zekreet three weeks ago.

As some people said it’s no longer there, it must have been taken out after the film project. It did provide us a bit of something to ponder on for a couple of afternoons.

Thanks everyone for joining our search!

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