Qatar’s sporting calendar will be packed with a number of major sporting events from 27 September! The World Athletics Championships, the third largest in the world, will be held for the first time in the Middle East. 

Security Committee Chairman Captain Mubarak Bilal Al Ali, said that units from various departments of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) are operating under their umbrella to ensure that everything run smoothly during the tournaments.

As many as 3,650 athletes from 200 countries are expected to participate in the tournaments, in addition to at least 2,500 members of the media from various global and local outlets. Access the full event schedule here.

IAAF Corniche Closure Schedule

Security Preparations 

The Security Committee has prepared is all set to secure the sports facilities where events will be held as well as hotels where participating delegations would stay. A comprehensive security plan has been prepared for the championship.

The committee has been keen to observe the instructions of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) to strengthen the security of stadiums with sufficient human elements to provide security and safety without obstructing the spectators and the public, as is usual in world championship games. The committee has also set up plans in accordance with the laws of international tournaments, which include providing emergency exits, fire extinguishing systems and easy public access to the galleries.

Captain Al Ali pointed out that there are three sites to be covered by the security personnel for this tournament: the Khalifa International Stadium – the main stadium for a number of games; and the Doha Corniche, where marathons and walking races will be held. There are five races in ten days, starting on 27 September. The third place is Qatar Sports Club, which has been dedicated as a training ground for players participating in the tournament.

Among the anticipated races in the championship are the night marathons along the Doha Corniche. The marathons require special equipment, lighting and other arrangements, all set for the tournament. Please note that traffic advisories are officially transmitted by MOI through their social media pages and through special announcements in local news outlets. 

Regarding the impact of the tournament on the residents in areas near tournament sites, Captain Al Ali said that things will be normal and nothing will hinder the residents’ entry or exit.

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