Khalifa International Stadium and Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium witnessed a high-level security organisation under the supervision of the Security Committee of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) during the opening of the 24th Arabian Gulf Cup Championship.

All security units are ensuring the success of the tournament as a real experience and in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Concerned worked to facilitate entry and exit of the crowd, and which contributed to reduced crowding at the entrance and exit gates. More than 38,000 spectators watched the inaugural tournament at the Khalifa International Stadium.

Security men opened the gates three hours before the start of the tournament. E-gates were set for individuals and devices for bag search, and for detection of contraband at all entrances to the stadium, and to prevent entry of fireworks of all kinds. Female police officers were also deployed in order to secure and ensure the entry of women easily.

Khalifa International Stadium

Security Measures Up for 24th Arabian Gulf Cup Championship Major Nawaf Mohammad Al Otaibi, Commander of the Khalifa International Stadium, said that all units participated in the security coverage during the opening of the 24th Arabian Gulf Cup Championship.

Prior to the tournament, an integrated security plan was developed that took into account all aspects of safety, security for the public and for the sports facility. Risk assessment, crowd route identification and vehicle route identification have also been undertaken to avoid any traffic bottlenecks.

A security plan for public transport, particularly transportation by means of the Doha Metro, was also drawn up in advance, with consolidated coordination between all relevant security bodies. All concerned parties including the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, Qatar Rail and the Championship Organising Committee, have come together to establish the movement of masses from different regions of the country as quickly as possible, and as smoothly and easily.

The coming days, according to Major Al Otaibi, will witness different matches between the Gulf teams, and advised the public to be at the stadiums early to avoid congestion at inspection gates. He stressed the importance of cooperating with security men to ensure safety and security for everyone.

Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium

Captain Burhan Saleh Al Turki is the Head of Security for Abdullah bin Khalifa at Al Duhail Sports Club. He assured the public that security preparations inside the stadium and the surrounding areas are in place for the 24th Arabian Gulf Cup.

There are six security tents set up for the entry of spectators to the stadium, including two public entry tents and a VIP entrance for holders of special permits, as well as media and television broadcasting facilities. A service tent and a VIP access tent are also available.

All security check tents include modern luggage inspection systems and security gates for people’s passage. High-level trained security are also working according to the requirements of FIFA. A list of prohibited items is displayed prominently around the stadium for public information.

These include fireworks, glass bottles, baby carts, sharp machinery, pets and other hard objects that can cause damage to anyone.

Security Measures Up for 24th Arabian Gulf Cup Championship

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