Organisers of Senyar Championship, annual pearl-diving and fishing competition, announced the extension of registration for the event until 30 March. Over 50 teams for the fishing category and another 12 teams for the pearl-diving category will be participating in the popular festival.

On its sixth edition, the festival originally started from Katara’s efforts to preserve Qatari culture and heritage, by promoting craftsmen, traders and practitioners of activities unique to the region, and providing a platform to display their skills.

Prior to the competition, each participating dhow will be tested and checked for sea-worthiness and safety measures. These include ensuring the presence of first-aid kits, life jackets and fire extinguishers on board. In addition, all participants are expected to adhere to the requirements specified by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Each participating team is required to nominate a sea captain, to represent the team at all scheduled meetings. Failure to nominate such a person may result in the team being disqualified from the competition.

Keeping in mind that the practice of pearl-diving and fishing is unique to the region, the competition targets Qatari participants. Other GCC countries may send in teams comprising of two members to be placed with each participating team.

The fishing competition will run for five days, from 18—22 April, while the diving competition will be on from 13—15 April.

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