A feast of culturally enriching events will take place at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) from September to November.

The museum pays tribute to an important figure in the Islamic culture, Tipu Sultan, also known as the Tiger of Mysore. Tipu was an Indian ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore and a scholar, soldier and poet who introduced different tactics during his reign, including a new coinage, a new Mauludi lunisolar calendar, and a new land revenue system, initiating the growth of Mysore silk industry. His contributions to the Muslim art, titled as ‘Tipu Sultan: The Tiger’s Dream’ will be on exhibition from 29 September 2014 to 24 January 2015. MIA will also conduct lectures to discuss Tipu Sultan’s significant works.

Another highlight to watch out for includes a series of musical entertainments presenting a Jazz Concert Series which will take place on the fourth Wednesdays of October and November; the ‘Chamber Music at MIA: Music of the Gulf’ featuring members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra on 6 November; and Friday Night Live at the MIA Park twice in November which will showcase talents of children from different schools .

Aside from the staged events at the museum, MIA will also be offering interesting art lessons and activities for different age groups. There will be art workshops, calligraphy lessons, museum tours, different club meetings, and more.

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List of Events at the Museum of Islamic Art

  • Walk in the Gallery Tours (Every Thursday and Saturday at 2 pm)
  • Science Tours (Every Wednesday starting 15 October at 2 pm)
  • Family Friday Tours (Every Friday at 3 pm)
  • Art Walk in Workshops (Every Saturday at 3 pm – 5 pm)
  • Drawing in the Galleries (Every Saturday in September and October at 3 pm – 5pm)
  • Library Tours & Research Services (Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 12 noon – 5 pm)


For more information about the events, check out Marhaba’s Events Calendar.