A gang of seven Asians were arrested for fraud, after they supposedly seized large sums of money from a number of victims, misleading them into buying a ‘treasure’ of gold and antique coins. The gang also deceived many victims into giving them money for expensive smart phones on half price. 

Criminal Investigation Department Director Brigadier Jamal Al Kaabi said that the CID received anonymous information about the gang and their activities. He said that victims were mostly elderly people and women. The gang made them believe that they have a treasure of gold coins which they found in one of the abandoned buildings and which they claimed had an estimated value of more than a million Qatari Riyals.

Lt Col Majid Sharida Al Rumaihi, Head of the Capital Security Investigation Section, urged citizens and residents to follow legal procedures in buying and selling gold. He also urged the public not to buy any devices except from known and reliable shops.

In order to ensure the safety of citizens and residents authorities are also advising against unscrupulous transactions.