For two days now, the 7th Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition – S’hail has proven its status as the premier and largest showcase dedicated to the heritage of hunting and falconry in the Gulf region and the Middle East.

The exhibition continues its successful run at the Katara Cultural Village until Saturday, 9 September.

A number of VIP guests came to visit the exhibition on the second day, led by Qatari Olympic Committee President HE Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani.


S’hail 2023 also recorded a strong participation in the online auction. Mubarak Rashid Meshlash Al-Khayareen Al-Hajri won the auction on the first day for a free chick falcon, valued at QAR177,000.

S'hail 2023 22According to Mohammed bin Abdul Latif Al-Misnad, Vice Chairman of the Supreme Organizing Committee of the exhibition, what distinguishes the 7th edition of the S’hail exhibition is the strength of the participating companies specialised in the field of hunting and falconry around the world, in addition to the distinguished participation of emerging and pioneering Qatari companies.

These companies, he said, are keen to provide all facilities at all organisational and logistical levels to all participants. The 7th edition of S’hail confirms its important position among specialised international exhibitions.

Increased marketing opportunities for local companies

Al-Misnad emphasised the unwavering commitment of the organising committee to continuously enhance each edition of the exhibition. The commitment takes the form of expansion, intensified efforts to attract international companies and the amplification of the presence of Qatari businesses.

The overarching goal is to provide Qatari companies with increased marketing opportunities and a platform to showcase their diverse range of high-quality products.

In the current edition, participating companies witnessed the preparation of modified four-wheel drive vehicles intended for land trips, sniper rifles and camping supplies.

Extensive and notable engagement from both domestic and international participants characterises the market of modified four-wheel-drive vehicles, a niche that holds remarkable significance for its dedicated pioneers and enthusiasts.

This passionate community primarily comprises adventure-seekers who embark on wild and desert excursions, as well as enthusiasts of hunting and falconry. These vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge technologies designed to withstand the diverse climatic and environmental challenges encountered by those who indulge in wilderness exploration and hunting activities.

Hunting vehicles on display

Within Tent C, numerous companies showcased their most recent offerings and advancements related to accessories, supplies and gear tailored for four-wheel drive vehicles utilised in land and hunting expeditions. Approximately 150 products are now on display, designed specifically to equip four-wheel drive vehicles intended for hunting endeavours.

These are entirely produced at Qatari factories, exclusively crafted for hunting and travel purposes.

The products feature specialised off-road, desert and sand terrain tires. Tires are meticulously designed for land and desert hunting and camping excursions, and adhere to the strictest safety and security standards and specifications.

Local manufacturer Nabil Al-Mutousi from Al-Rahal Performance Automotive Company said his company seeks, through participation in the S’hail 2023 exhibition, to achieve excellence in the world of modifications of specialised four-wheel drive vehicles.

Luqman Mahmoud from Top Performance Company provides four-wheel drive vehicles with systems to increase their power and torque and add luxury and comfort factors, such as storage systems.

The Heavy Duty model, constructed from robust materials such as high-density polyethylene and aluminium, is engineered to support a substantial 1,000-kg load capacity. Each individual drawer can withstand up to 100 kg of weight and is highly resilient against external elements.

The package also includes comprehensive sets of bumpers, bushings and oils. It features Steady Type X Evo headlights, boasting an impressive illumination power of 37,800 lumens and a remarkable range of 1.4 kilometres.

Shooting club

Archery is considered a highly enjoyable hobby, demanding a significant amount of focus, strength and physical activity, as well as precision, control, physical fitness, and unwavering determination.

The participation of the Qatari shooting team in the exhibition is aimed at introducing the group to the community of hunters. Within their pavilion, they showcase images of champion athletes. Over the years, the team has made remarkable strides, marked by an infinity mirror display.

There is also a dedicated pavilion for the shooting club, where they host public competitions and distribute gifts. They provide discount coupons for anyone to try the mobile caravan, located on the southern side of Katara – with all activities under the supervision of the Qatar Shooting, Bow and Arrow Federation.

Archery is considered one of the enjoyable hobbies, and it requires a great deal of focus, strength and activity, in addition to accuracy, control, physical ability and determination.

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