As the Year of the Rabbit gracefully hops in, Shanghai Me celebrates the beginning of a new Chinese Lunar Year with exquisite cuisine, tradition and a grateful spirit.

From 19 to 31 January, the art-deco Asian-inspired restaurant will honour the auspicious occasion with dazzling decorations and a festive menu, encouraging joyous new beginnings, bountiful fortune and prosperity to all for the year ahead.

Considered to be the luckiest of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, the rabbit symbolises mercy, elegance and beauty. The approaching Year of the Rabbit signifies longevity, peace and prosperity, and predicts a year of hope for 2023, one where sacrifices of the past are rewarded generously and the seeds of all efforts sown, shall finally bear fruit.

In homage to the occasion, Shanghai Me embraces the traditions and invites friends, family and loved ones to celebrate the festive blessings.

As guests enter Shanghai Me, they will be dazzled by the festive decorations and colourful floral displays adorning the restaurant. From whimsical red lanterns inviting luck and beautiful traditional fans encouraging happiness, the restaurant pays tribute to the prosperity and luck associated with the Rabbit.

Renowned as a traditional custom of the Lunar New Year, diners will be invited to write their personal wishes for the future, place them inside a red envelope and hang them on Shanghai Me’s magical Cherry Blossom display, inspiring providence and success for the year ahead.

Throughout the festive celebrations, diners can also indulge in a specially curated menu that perfectly unites tradition and symbolism with culinary excellence. Available for lunch and dinner, highlights include Lobster & Enoki Mushroom Soup, believed to bring good fortune, Steamed Rabbit Prawn Dumplings, symbolizing reunions and a tantalising Chinese Style Salmon Sashimi with Chilli Vinegar Dressing, evoking well-being.

Other sumptuous dishes include Crispy Chilli Beef and Whole Lobster with Chinese Garden Green Sauce, as well as an enticing Fried Roast Duck, with Winter Truffle Sauce and Mini Baos inviting happiness and fidelity for all. Completing the auspicious meal is a traditional delicacy of Roasted Pineapple Cake, designed to ignite sweet beginnings and an abundance of joy ahead.

Chinese New Year | Year of The Rabbit:

  • When: 19 to 31 January, 12 pm – 4 pm and 6 pm – 12 am

To make a reservation or for more information please visit their website, or call 4453 6250.

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