Located minutes away from Doha’s financial centre, Sharq Village & Spa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, provides a fascinating fusion of East and West by merging the deep-rooted legacy of Qatari traditions with cosmopolitan design and comfort. Along with enchanting architecture, celebrated Oriental cuisine and local rituals, Sharq Village & Spa offers guests the chance to experience history and long-held traditions, whilst enjoying the finest luxurious hospitality available in the Arabian Gulf.

Designed to reflect the local communities of fishermen, the traditional architecture and construction of Sharq Village & Spa guide visitors through a maze of courtyards and alleyways to discover age-old Arabian treasures. Every piazza, every detail, and every motif at the hotel have been prudently selected to portray the rich vibrant Qatari traditions, which our guests can experience.

Amid the fascinating Oriental scenery, the guests can embark on a scrumptious culinary journey as they discover the local gastronomy, carefully prepared with the finest local ingredients and fragrant spices from Doha’s traditional markets and souqs. The eclectic mix of tastes invigorates Sharq Village & Spa’s legacy around its Qatari heritage.

Furthermore, the hotel brings to life local traditions like the warm Oriental welcome or the authentic Bakhoor ceremony. Ladies and Gentlemen of the hotel, proudly dressed in authentic Qatari attires, receive visitors with Al Qahwa, the traditional Arabic coffee made from lightly roasted coffee beans and cardamom. Served with dates and dried fruits, the warm beverage embodies a traditional act of kindness and hospitality. At sundown, guests are invited back to the lobby to experience an ancient ritual that evokes an ambience of the past, where the scent of burning exotic Oud from a bakhoor and the sound of live traditional music fills the setting.

The idyllic spirit of the resort evokes the past: Sharq Village & Spa creates a warm and welcoming sense of traditional Qatari home life and enables to experience authentic local hospitality.

Visitors and locals are invited to Sharq Village & Spa to experience history today, with the exclusive package offered during Qatar Summer Festival, which is inclusive of luxury accommodation, savings in food and beverage, and exceptional offers for children dining.

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