Last year, a Sherborne Qatar parent started a school-based initiative, collecting goods to relieve the suffering of Syrian refugees in Lebanon’s Bekka Valley. With the assistance of Etihad Airways Cargo and a local Lebanese charity, the initiative was an outstanding success and much needed aid was delivered to the Arsal camp.

This year, the increased suffering of the refugees has demanded an increased commitment from the Sherborne Qatar community. Senior Headmaster, Michael Weston, has given this venture Sherborne Qatar’s wholehearted backing. He said:

I am moved by the amazing humanitarian outlook of so many of our pupils and parents, and this collection is typical of our strong commitment to the wider community.’

As the colder weather has descended on Doha, staff, pupils and parents at Sherborne Qatar have been busily engaged in collecting winter donations for Syrian families suffering the harsh winter weather in refugee camps in Lebanon. The Sherborne Qatar School community has generously given warm clothing, blankets, and shoes, for the Syrian Refugee Appeal 2015.

The aid shipment will be sent directly to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, thanks to the generous support, co-operation and goodwill of several entities:

  • Through ROTA’s assistance over US$5,000 of custom duties will be avoided, allowing greater help to go directly to those who need it.
  • Etihad Airways Cargo has generously allowed up to 1.5 tons of cargo to be transported free of charge.
  • Dar Al Fatwa is the government entity that will facilitate the free entry of our shipment into Lebanon.
  • Finally, it is through the efforts and support of Cedars for Care, a Lebanese NGO, that distribution will find directly its way to the people who need in several areas across Lebanon.

International Volunteer Specialist at ROTA, Hazim Idriss, said:

As a Qatar-based NGO, Reach Out To Asia has a long history of supporting Syrian refugees in Lebanon through high-impact humanitarian and education initiatives. As winter rolls in, the suffering has not stopped so neither will the support we provide through this powerful network of partners.’

This collective spirit of compassion has inspired pupils, especially from the Lower Sixth (Year 12), to volunteer their time sorting, weighing and measuring boxes every Sunday and Wednesday, supported by volunteer parents, PTA members and ROTA staff. To date, 77 boxes, weighing a total of 1.2 tones, have been collected.

For more information, call Sherborne Qatar School at 4459 6400, visit Sherborne Qatar’s website.