Sherborne Qatar Ramadan Bag Appeal 6A group of 18 dedicated Sherborne Qatar pupils handed out ‘Ramadan Thank You’ bags to the labourers and manual workers around the vicinity of the Senior School in the Bani Hajer area. 

Through collaboration with ROTA, pupils focussed on creating two sets of ‘Ramadan Thank You’ bags from the generous donations provided by the pupils and the parent community of Sherborne Qatar. Along with these kind and numerous donations, ROTA have shown huge support through the donation of food items such as rice and sugar for our pupils to package up; and also donated phone cards, food coupons of QAR100 in value. Over 220 bags were made up from all of these donations.

Kym Prichard, Coordinator of External Relations, said:

I have to say that as a facilitator of this group I am amazed at the sincerity of the pupils involved; they have been truly committed, have made this project enormously successful and it is one I believe will become an annual event. Their determined focus on helping the labourers less fortunate than themselves has been an inspiration not only to me, but to all the pupils at the school.’

Sherborne Qatar Ramadan Bag Appeal 3