A new Iranian restaurant has opened in Doha, called Shiraz Garden, on Salwa road.

img_7474Marhaba was invited along to the opening of Shiraz Garden, which has been launched by the Doha based food and beverage company Naira International Group.

As the restaurant serves Iranian cuisine, it’s under the patronage of His Excellency Abdullah Sohrabi, the Iranian Ambassador to Qatar (above in grey). And if that’s not a recommendation for a restaurant, Marhaba doesn’t know what is!

The General Manager of Naira Group, Aly Delawar said that Shiraz Garden will bring a traditional Iranian flavour to Doha’s culinary scene. “We intend to make Shiraz Garden a roaring success and have already had some positive feedback from customers, including local Iranians.”



Naira International Group are planning an expansion in the next five years; they would like to open 400 new outlets and become a multinational corporation. They have already opened quite a few popular restaurants in Doha, including Sushi Minto, Inch Cafe, Francesca, and Isfahan Express.

img_7781-e1322569288624So why not head over to Salwa road and try some authentic Iranian cuisine at Shiraz Garden?