Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) 2015, co-organised by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) and Qatar Airways, will host an exciting programme of entertaining activities focused on families and children.

Scroll down for information on parking.

Exciting shows and performances will be held throughout the festival at the ‘Stage Zone‘, which is equipped with the very latest electrical and digital technologies to provide the highest quality entertainment.

Pop artist and songwriter, Tarek Sidani, will play a number of his most beautiful tunes during the festival; and guitarist, Sidani who is known for his great voice and ability to sing a variety of genres will perform too, while the ‘Drummers’ band will stun the audience with their energetic beats.

Suitable for all family members, the live shows will provide an added component to enrich the festival’s entertainment atmosphere providing it with an extra special flavour.

The activities on display will also include dancing shows representing different cultures and countries where skillful dancers will dazzle the audience with exciting performances, while solo break-dancers will showcase their skill.

In addition, the ‘Chef Orchestra‘ including a number of professional musicians, will play traditional tunes and perform original folk music using pipe instruments.

The Qatari Arda dance will also be strongly present at the festival, where male dancers from all ages wearing national dress will perform their traditional sword dance. Arda is a traditional sword dance originally designed to be performed in weddings and on special national occasions, and it always begins and ends with drum beats during which Gulf Mawawil, a traditional genre of vocal music, are performed.

A fireworks show is planned to be held at 6 pm on 24 March 2015, and 8:30pm on 25, 26 and 27 March 2015, while it is planned to be held at 9:30 pm on the last day of the festival.

A key cultural and social event, QIFF 2015 will provide residents and guests in Qatar with vibrant entertainment for tourists and families focused around great tasting food and fun for all the family. It will also provide an opportunity for Qatar’s hospitality sector to showcase its value offerings of food and beverages, as QIFF gathers visitors from different cultures from all over the world to take part in the various entertainment activities and competitions held on the sidelines of the event.

Check QIFF2015’s official website for more information on Entertainment Schedule.

Qatar International Food Festival 2015 Parking

Qatar International Food Festival Parking

Parking will not be available at MIA or MIA Park during the Qatar International Food Festival 2015. Public parking will be made available in alternate locations – Old Airport Arrivals Terminal and Doha Club. Shuttle buses will carry festival goers from the designated parking areas to the festival grounds. 

Marhaba did the legwork and checked out the alloted parking spaces for QIFF2015, and below are the details.

To reach Museum of Islamic Art Park during the Qatar International Food Festival, you can take advantage of:
           – Free shuttle buses at each parking area
           – QR35 limousine rides from each parking area
           – Two free UBER rides of up to QR80 each to/from MIA Park. The offer is for new users only using the promo code QIFF2015

Look for buses with this sign at the parking lot
Look for buses with this sign at the parking lots

Doha Club – CAR PARK B

Qatar International Food Festival 2015
Follow the signs to ‘Car Park B’
Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (5)
A bunch of friendly guys here to help you!


Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (4)
Plenty of space to park!


Old Airport Arrivals Terminal Parking – CAR PARK C

Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (1)
Follow the signs to ‘Car Park C’
Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (2)
The check-points at the arrival terminal are left open for the food festival
Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (3)
Plenty of parking space. Sure, this is going to be busy in the weekend!

Wait at the assigned bus stops at MIA parking to get back to Car Park B and C.

Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (7)


Enjoy the fest!