Snoonu announced the relaunch of the initiative, No Riders Under the Sun, demonstrating its commitment to put measures in place to create suitable working conditions for delivery riders as temperatures continue to spike in the country. 

Initially launched in July 2021 and now a flagship in Snoonu’s business model, the initiative sets Snoonu as the first and only local tech company to take such strategic measures to protect its riders from the heat of the summer during daytime.

Protecting workers

Being a human-centric business, Snoonu puts this concept into action with initiatives that range from ensuring all employees are protected from the sun – to the availability of air-conditioned chilling spots throughout the country that are filled with snacks and charging stations – a comfortable space to rest for riders between deliveries.

The re-Introduction of No Riders Under the Sun means that starting this week, there will be no bike deliveries from 10 am to 5 pm, as riding conditions during this time put riders at greater risk of heat strokes, fainting and dehydration, with temperatures set to reach 50° in July. Cars will Instead be used exclusively to serve customers with their orders until the end of the summer season.

This decision showcases Snoonu’s commitment to protect and respect workers by treating them fairly.

According to Snoonu founder and CEO Hamad Al Hajri, they enjoy serving customers and business owners, but never at the expense of their riders’ safety. He emphasised that they would never expect the riders to do things they themselves would not do.

The weather conditions are extremely hot during daytime, and we strive to always protect our riders. I strongly believe that compassion and humanity should be at the heart of everything we do; with this, putting our riders’ health and well-being comes before profit.

He said he was hoping that other companies will join the initiative and protect the riders community in Qatar.

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