The official opening ceremony for Souq Waqif Spring Festival 2018 took place yesterday at 7 pm at Souq Waqif in the presence of Mohammed Salem, General Manager at Souq Waqif.

The festival is organised by the Organizing Committee of the Private Engineering Office and is sponsored by QNB and in collaboration with QSPORTS and leading Strategic Consultant Russell Lloyds.

The Souq Waqif Spring Festival 2018, running until 25 April 2018, promises to be Qatar’s largest outdoor entertainment event this year and will include shopping and hotel promotions, live entertainment, and rides and games with activities. This year’s edition of the festival will feature over 40 live entertainment shows, street performers as well as special performances on National Sport Day 2018.

Ghanim Al Mohannadi, Deputy Chairman of QSPORTS said:

We are proud to partner with Souq Waqif to bring new and popular attractions such as Qatar’s largest outdoor trampoline park, a driving school for kids, Ocean Ball Kids Play area and a variety of food offerings. With live entertainment and 30 unique amusement park rides, families can look forward to more than 60 activities to enjoy at the Souq Waqif until 25 April 2018. It is still free to enter the Souq grounds and take in the joyous atmosphere and with over 30 spectacular rides and attractions. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors when they join us in celebrating the start of Qatar’s outdoor season.’

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