Alain Robert is known as the French Spiderman as he is famous for scaling skyscrapers, including some of the world’s tallest structures, like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, using only his bare hands and climbing shoes.

Robert once climbed La Cigale in 2008, making headlines and now he is back in Doha and set to climb THE TORCH-Doha on Thursday at 4 pm, without safety equipment. He thinks that he will manage it in around an hour and a half. When asked if he was trying to break a record, he replied, ‘Kind of.’

‘Spiderman is my nickname, but I have no supernatural powers. When I climb skyscrapers, there’s no special effect. No safety net!’

Marhaba met the French Spiderman, a thin and short man wearing cowboy boots, who doesn’t look a likely candidate to be a daredevil climber, but is. Robert has been a climber all his life and set his sights on THE TORCH-Doha some time ago; it took a while to get permission to climb it without safety equipment. ‘It is 6 out of 10 for the hardest building I have ever climbed,’ he said.

Robert, who is 50, thinks he will climb for another 10 years, and admits that tomorrow is a big day, but as long as he is focused on his target, and takes it step-by-step, he will be fine. ‘I’m physically and mentally prepared,’ he reassured.